Gold Leaf Wafer Paper Sequins Cake

I've been trying to figure out the best way to make sequins that actually look like sequins and not just flat discs. You know, the ones with the little facets and a hole in the center. As far as the methods I've seen go, each one is lacking something. Gumpaste doesn't have the facets, gelatin is nasty and doesn't have holes (I hate gelatin), and the little candy discs don't have holes in them. And none of those methods get the metallic shine that real sequins have no matter what you do to them.

This method lacks the facets, but the shine is the best I've found so far. Of course, it costs a lot to do it because it's made with gold and silver leaf, but oh well. By using wafer paper that's covered with gold leaf and punching out the holes you get a realistic sequin look, not just a disc. You would just have to make sure to charge the client for the leaf and your time.

And by saving all the tiny holes that you punched out from the centers, and the strips that you punched the larger holes from, you also get edible glitter (really edible) and a piece of trim that can be used as edging.

The pattern for this design was inspired by a vintage dress that had swirly designs with different textures in them. If I had done all of the swirls with the sequins it would have been too flat, but by adding the trim and the glitter it breaks up the flatness of the sequined areas. It also uses the gold leaf that you discarded from making the sequins, so you don't feel like you're tossing $$$ away.

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