Craftsy Class Review: A New Look At Crooked Cakes with Colette Peters

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A New Look at Crooked Cakes was taught by Colette Peters, who should need no introduction. If you don't know who she is go look her up. She has a reputation among cake decorators of actually being a really nice person with a good sense of humor and not a lot of self-importance, so that gives her a leg up on a lot of people. Her classes are pleasant to watch, for lack of a better term, because she doesn't come across as a massive snob. She's also taught other Craftsy classes, so she has experience with the platform.

This class really WAS about crooked cakes, as opposed to the other one that was more about how to build a structure for a leaning cake. That one was interesting but it didn't really show how to plan a topsy turvy cake. This class does show how to carve and stack a topsy turvy, back and forth leaning cake, so if you want to see the whole process it's worth buying.

This class also covered how to paint the cakes and went over some fondant quilling techniques in the last section. Colette has used quilling on other cakes that are in some of her books, and she goes over how to make a lot of different decorations to put on the cakes in the class.

The thing that will drive some people cuh-razy about her cakes is that she doesn't follow the "rules" of what cake dictators say have to be done to make a good cake. Her style has nothing to do with sharp edges on fondant, and her wooden dowels will send a shiver of fear through the heart of many a bubble tea straw lover. However, she's been doing cakes longer than you have, so you go, Colette.

The cakes that she does in this class are a traditional style back and forth wedges cake, and one that's made up of random shapes that fit together but are NOT traditional. She calls it a modern cake...I wasn't a big fan of the look of it, but it was a good demonstration of how you figure out the angles and shapes for shaped tiers that aren't the normal tapered wedges.

These cakes are not for the faint of heart, but she makes it look pretty easy to stack them without worrying about having them slide off each other. If you're going to do a topsy turvy cake like this, don't skip steps and think that you're smarter than gravity...Remember, it's the law.

Final Verdict:
Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced. This class isn't for someone who's never used fondant or stacked a cake. You need to have a little experience before trying a crooked cake unless you don't know better.
Equipment you have to have: Fondant, dowels, royal icing
Sleep-inducing level: She has a very sooooothing manner, which put me to sleep several times. So watch it with the No-Doz on hand.
What it assumes you already know: How to cover a cake in fondant, how not to freak out when you're stacking things at 45 degree angles.
Unnecessary difficulty level of methods demonstrated: Not much.
Annoying host habits: Not much, other than being too relaxing.
Level of helpful hints learned: Good information about the structure of a crooked cake and how to do the quilling. If you've never seen how the crooked cakes are built this will be highly instructive for you.

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