Storage For Your Petal Dusts

My sick obsession with petal dusts had resulted in having way too many of them. I tend to lose track of how many I have and what colors I have, so I end up buying more. Not that I wouldn't buy more anyway.

I found this container system in the scrapbooking aisle at Michaels crafts. Unfortunately, I think they discontinued it, but it made me think about what's important to look at when you're buying something to store petal dusts.

First. you want screw top jars. You don't want to pop open a jar and have the color fly everywhere.

Second, you want the jars to be clear plastic so that you can see what color you're dealing with. I wrote the names of the colors on top of the jar, then emptied multiple small containers into the larger one.

Third, if you can, buy containers that are a part of a larger system so that you can store them all in one carrying case. If you have some that are designed to fit into a carrier that goes with them you won't have to search for a carrier that fits.

Last, if you want to put a large brush into the container without having to pour the dust out, make sure to get containers that have a wide opening. Small ones that are 1 inch across aren't going to be big enough to dip a fluffy brush in.

Here's a system that I found on amazon (these are affiliate links FYI):

Darice 2025-251 Clear Bead Container with 24 Storage Jars

There are a number of container systems that this brand makes, and they do come with a container that will organize the individual jars. Click here to check those out: Storage systems

I was able to consolidate a lot of dusts using the system that I bought, and it's a lot easier to have them all in the same carrier than it is to have them scattered around in a bunch of boxes. This way I can see what I have and what I need to buy more of, too. Because I'll definitely be buying more.

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