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Perfect Party Cakes was taught by Zoe Clark and is one of those classes that suffers from being misnamed. I don't know who chose the title, but it should be called "how to do needlework and scrapbooking effects on cakes." But I guess that's not as catchy as "Perfect Party Cakes."

But seriously, I don't know why this class had that name. One person made a rude comment in the question section saying that she didn't like the class and it wasn't what she expected. I thought that it was unnecessary for her to post that because there's nothing wrong with the class per se, but I can see what she meant about not being what she expected.

If you can get over the lack of connection between the name and the content, there was a lot of material in the class that could give you ideas about different ways to do embroidery-looking designs, paper flowers, printed icing sheets, and other methods that involve a lot of gluing things to the side of the cake. Which is why I'm saying that it should have been named something about scrapbooking.

This class did rely heavily on printed icing sheets, which I've never had any luck using. I think that you have to use them fairly quickly after purchase or they dry out and stick to the paper. I've used some that worked and some that got ripped to shreds while I tried to take them off the backing paper. It's hard to say, but I'm assuming that there's a trick to using them.

The one thing that I would argue with about this class was that it did rely so heavily on decorations that were just glued to the side of the cake. Icing sheets are nasty IMO and to cover an entire cake with them, or with wafer paper, is going to detract from the eating experience. In other words, it will taste like butt, as my kids used to say. When this trend of decorating by means of wallpaper goes away I'll be happy. If you don't want to eat it, don't cover the cake with it.

I did find out that there does exist a pair of scissors that cuts a fringe. I had been meaning to go to the beauty supply store and get some weird scissors that my hairdresser uses to notch out hair, but she had a pair that she referred to as "fringe scissors" that she used. I looked it up and there are a bunch of different types, and they also have herb scissors to mince herbs that are the same thing. So that's handy to know.

My final review:

Skill level: Beginners can handle this.
Equipment you'll need: icing sheets, access to an edible ink printer or purchased sheets, wafer paper, etc
Sleep-Inducing Level: Her delivery is very low key, shall we say, so get the no-doze ready.
What it assumes you already know: How to cover a cake in fondant and glue things to it.
Unnecessary level of difficulty for techniques shown: It's all pretty basic.
Annoying Host Habits: As I mentioned before, her delivery is far from peppy. A little more action would have been good.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: A lot of existing methods all gathered together...Nothing really new but it's all in one place here

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