Death To The Cake Memes!

Occasionally business memes will show up and get passed around social media. I'm begging you to stop and think before posting them on your own pages.

One of these that goes around occasionally basically lists the expenses that go into making a custom cake, reminding people that you're not just getting a cake, you're paying for utilities, insurance, taxes, time and looooove of making the cake. It concludes with a statement along the lines of "we don't ask you to work for less, so don't ask us to work for less."

Please, please, please, do NOT post this anywhere a customer is going to see it. It makes you look angry, defensive and whiny. If you want to lecture people and make them feel belittled then go right ahead, because something that's presented in such a defensive way will accomplish that.

If you want to "educate" a client, tell them what's better about your cakes without implying that they're stupid for not knowing it already. There's a difference between "I use the best quality ingredients that I can find and it makes a difference in the way my cakes taste" and "My ingredients are expensive, and you have to pay more for that."

Or "I make all of my decorations myself so I can customize everything to your specific colors" and "I make my decorations myself, and I need to charge a living wage for them."

The difference is telling the customer how they'll benefit without being whiny about it. Charts about how long it takes to make a cake don't appeal to people, because it's not their job to care. They just want a good product that they can afford. The only people who respond favorably to charts about how cheap people are are other cake decorators. If you need something like this, put it up near your phone so that you can remind yourself not to drop your prices. Don't post it on facebook.

Next week: The ONLY five steps you should take if someone tells you you're charging too much.

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