Art Cookies by Ahimsa Custom Cakes

My friend Kristi does custom cakes but she's recently started doing more custom cookies. If you've read my blog before you know how I feel about calling cake decorating "art", but these cookies do qualify as art in my book. She paints them by hand and they're fantastic...I wouldn't want to eat them because I'd feel bad about ruining the work!

Here are a few examples:

For this one, this is what she wrote about it: "A few have asked how I do this. It takes a lot of layering of colors. No drawing on the cookie beforehand (I hate outlines), I just put down some color and see where it goes."

Yeah, that's art, when you just see where it goes. It's different than craft. So that's my two cents on that.

To see more of Kristi's work go to her facebook page at

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