Craftsy Class Review: Fabulous Bows and Fashion Details

Craftsy Cake Decorating Class
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Fabulous Bows and Fashion Details was taught by Eva Salazar, who owns a custom cake studio in Miami and who is originally from Spain. Which made me wonder why Craftsy doesn't offer classes in Spanish. There would obviously be a demand, and if you have instructors who are fluent, why not. CRAFTSY, ARE YOU LISTENING? Well, when they start offering them in Spanish they can thank me for the suggestion.

So this class covered some basic techniques to cover cakes with fabric-inspired ruffles and bows. Nothing in this class was super groundbreaking, but if you want to see some different ways to cover cakes to get a textural effect she shows some ways to do it.

The first half of the class goes over basics like covering boards, how to do ruffles, and applying designs to fondant. She uses fondant and wafer paper to give you some options. The second half of the class goes over bows using fondant and printed wafer paper to make the patterns.

I will say that one of the bows is quite Georgia O'Keefe-y if you know what I mean. Don't do that one.

My final review:

Skill level: Beginners can pull these off, they're simple.
Equipment you'll need: Rulers, cutting mats, knives,  candy melts and gum glue.
Sleep-Inducing Level:Fair to middling.
What it assumes you already know: How to roll out fondant.
Unnecessary level of difficulty for techniques shown: She does things really slowly, which might have been for the benefit of the class, but there was a lot of tool use that could have been made faster with different tools or different handling, if that makes sense.
Annoying Host Habits: Nothing much.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: Basics of making ruffles and bows, brooches and texture. If you've done this stuff before you're not going to get much out of it, but it can be good if you want a refresher.

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