Tutorial A Day December: Corn Syrup Glue

This is more of a tip than a tutorial, but someone recently asked me how to add sparkle to gumpaste snowflakes. The easiest way is to just do this:
 Start with gumpaste snowflakes or whatever you want to decorate.
 Brush them with some corn syrup...you can thin it out by adding a little water, but you want it to be sticky so don't thin it out too much.
 Sprinkle sanding sugar, edible glitter or sprinkles on it.
 Shake off the excess.
 Let them dry and it will be stuck like cement on there.
 You can do the same thing with larger dragees, just make sure the corn syrup is thicker so don't water it down as much.
If you're not sure whether it will hold, paint over the top of the dragees with more corn syrup. Let it dry completely.

Seriously, this will hold like glue---it's strong stuff once it dries.

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