Tutorial A Day December-- How To Make Simple Striped Candy Canes

Want a quick way to make flat candy canes for your Christmas cakes? This works with fondant or candy clay.

Super easy way to make cut-out candy canes out of candy clay...Keep the scraps for tomorrow's projects.

 Put a strip of red candy clay on top of a thicker white one. (I cut this one too soon, pretend that it's not cut up yet!)
 Cut the bar into sections that are about the same length.
 Stack the pieces up so that it's a striped bar.
 Press the pieces together to stick them to each other.
 Put the bar between two pieces of parchment.
 Start rolling it out.
 Roll in the same direction as the stripes.
 Check the thickness every now and then. Keep rolling it in until it's thin enough for your liking.

 Start cutting out the candy canes using a cutter. This one is the mini cutter from the Wilton holiday cutter set.
 Turn the cutter so that the stripes are placed diagonally on the cane. Try to keep the cuts as close to each other as you can.
Use the canes on cookies or cakes!

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