Marbled and Peppermint-Striped Candy Clay Flowers

For today's tutorial we're using the scraps from yesterday's candy canes
Gather the scraps up and ball them up without mixing hte colors too much.

 Roll them out flat.
 These colors also work for making candy bacon!
 Cut out small flowers and cut the petals deeper into the flower to make them more open.
 Layer the flowers with flat ones on the bottom and cut ones on top.
 Add a little ball for the flower center.
 You can also Use the swirled candies that I showed you how to make (Click here for video)
 Cut the candy with a blossom cutter.
 Leave the flower in the cutter but push out a piece past the end of the cutter.
 Slice the piece off. Leaving it in the cutter will prevent the main shape from flattening out.
 Repeat the last two steps until you've cut the whole piece into thin flowers.
Add dots for flower centers and add them to the marbled flowers for variety.

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