How To Make A Sewing Machine Cake

To round out the last few tutorials about planning structures, I'm poaching from my older posts again to show how to build the internal structure of a sewing machine cake. This can be adapted to any number of machine shapes, using slightly different support thicknesses etc.

Note that this structure is NOT locked into the baseboard. Sometimes you don't need to have a support that's attached to the base, that's just overkill. I tend to try to do as little as possible and still have the cake be secure, but I definitely make sure the cake is solid. I've been known to take cakes apart and re-do them a different way if it looks at all suspicious.

This particular cake was going to be secured with a base of cake at the bottom, and it would be covered with fondant, so that gives it an extra layer of "solid" surface to keep the whole thing together. Because of that I wasn't too worried about it not being secured to the board itself, although I do attach every cake board to the base board with duct tape so it won't shift around.

Just remember that the internal structures don't have to be super-complicated. Definitely err on the side of caution, but it isn't necessary to get out the blowtorch and PVC pipe fittings for every 3-D cake.

Check out the process by clicking on this link:

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