Craftsy Class Review: Basics of Digital Photography

Basics of Digital Photography was a very good class for someone who's just starting out with a digital camera, or for someone who wants a refresher on the basics. I did a lot of film photography years ago, so when I got a digital camera I understood the concepts of aperture, film speed, etc, but the controls were a mystery. 

Digital cameras are little computers, and while I miss the time spent in the darkroom with all those chemical fumes, it's very convenient to be able to preview the photo and adjust the settings to get a better image in camera, as opposed to waiting and seeing what happens when you develop your film. The trick is understanding what the basics should be so that you know where to start and how to adjust it if you need to.

This class covered the basics of the camera settings, how to adjust for different lighting conditions, and how the camera settings work with each other in the different modes.

The one things that was difficult to follow was that he used a Nikon, and I have a Canon. I had my daughter watch some of the class because she got a Canon for Christmas, and she said that it was annoying to try to figure out what he meant with some of the different settings, but that she did learn a lot from it. He does address some of the different terminology between the two makes, but his advice about keeping the camera's manual with you to refer to is the best idea.

The best thing about this class was that each section addressed only one basic topic, so you got a lot of information about each concept. He also went over some composition basics and lenses, so it really is a good basic class.

I'd say that this class would be worth it at full price for someone who had no idea about cameras and who just got a Nikon. If you have a Canon you might want to wait until it's on sale to make up for the inconvenience of having to refer to the camera's manual to translate the terminology.

My final review:

Skill level: Beginner 
Equipment you have to have: Camera. He uses a Nikon, so the manual will be helpful if you have another make.
Sleep-inducing level: Not bad.
What it assumes you already know: How to turn a camera on.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Nothing I could see.
Annoying Host Habits: I found him amusing because he seems like he might be a little sarcastic when he's not being all teacher-y, so I'm right there with him on that.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: The basics of using a camera. It was very thorough and will give you a good base to start from.

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