Craftsy Class Review: Food Photography

Food Photography was a class that I decided to take because I figured that if I'm going to learn how to take better cake photos (and who doesn't need to know how to do that), I wanted to see what a real photographer had to say about it. They do have a class specifically on cake photography (click here for info on that one) but the food photography class is taught by Andrew Scrivani, who's been a professional food photographer for quite a while. I also realized that if you take the food photo class, then watch the intro to the cake photo class for free, you'll pretty much be able to figure it out.

So on to the class...It covered everything you'd need to know to figure out what to do to get a good photo of a cake. Other than the fact that when I set cakes up I'm at the mercy of the venue's lighting. That's the one thing that is a roadblock, but he goes over how to adjust the light using scrims and reflectors, so that will help. I used a tip that he gave to help get a better photo of a tiki cake I made, so that was useful.

He covers equipment, the basics of exposure, finding light and how to think about light, and how to set up the photo with props and that kind of thing. It's a good, solid course on how to think about the photo as an object separate from the subject, and that's what makes a good picture.

One of the main points that he makes throughout the class is the idea of finding inspiration for design from things that are NOT related to the field you're in, and it's obvious that he brings a lot of influences into his work. He talks about how to find your personal style, something that is sorely lacking in cake photos. This is more a class about making a beautiful photo, not about how to take a picture of a cake against a white background. If that's what you're looking for it might not be the class for you. But then again, it will teach you how to do that if you want to, so it might be fine for that.

I'd say that if you're a noob at taking pictures and you're using a phone to take them, this class might be helpful as far as learning about the light and the technical aspects that go into taking a good picture. If you have a DSLR and want to step up your food photography game, it will be very useful.

My final review:

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate
Equipment you have to have: Camera, food props, light source, some reflectors etc.
Sleep-inducing level: Not bad at all. He shows a lot of examples of things he talks about and he keeps it moving.
What it assumes you already know: The very basic basics of using a DSLR camera.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Nothing I could see.
Annoying Host Habits: Nothing, so I must have been in a good mood.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: A lot, so it's worth watching.

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