Craftsy Class Review: Romantic Garden Roses with Nicholas Lodge

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Romantic Garden Roses was taught by Nicholas Lodge, who also teaches a few other Craftsy classes and who is obviously someone who you should know if you do cakes. When the flavor-of-the-months are long gone, he will still be here making gumpaste flowers and being cake decorating royalty.

What I found interesting about this class was that he incorporated a lot of old-school methods of making stamens and other parts of the flowers. We used some of his early books in my culinary school cake decorating class, and that was 19 years ago. A lot of the things that he does in this class are from those books, so I thought that was funny.

In this class he goes over a variety of roses, plus extras like buds leaves, thorns, bug bites on petals, and dew drops. So you'll get the full range of the necessary rose accessories and will be able to make respectable roses if you pay attention and don't try to cut corners.

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He's a really good teacher and doesn't miss a beat in terms of explaining everything he does as he does it. His classes are much better than most in that respect. There's no uhhhhh...umm. and hesitating.

He also includes a pricing chart in the class materials, which was interesting. If you're clueless about how to price gumpaste it could be helpful.

This class is well worth the price, and so are (most of) his other classes. The one I'd skip if I had to would be the one about working with the pre-made flowers, because you're not learning how to make things yourself in that one. 

The other flower classes that he teaches on Craftsy are worth watching, too. They are Classic Sugar Flowers, Modern Sugar Flowers, and The Ultimate Rose

My final review:

Skill level: Intermediate or a beginner who's willing to work slow and pay attention
Equipment you have to have: 5-petal cutter sets, wire, gumpaste, the usual.
Sleep-inducing level: Not bad, he talks CONSTANTLY and is very effiicient in how he goes over everything.
What it assumes you already know: The basics of gumpaste, but he kind of goes over it quickly. There's more information in the class materials too.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: Not a lot.
Annoying Host Habits: I do not find his teaching style annoying, so that says a lot because I usually notice something and get annoyed by it.
Level of Helpful Hints Learned: This is a very easily followed class for anyone who's interested in making roses. I've been making roses for almost 20 years (sadly) and I was reminded of several helpful hints that I knew but had gotten out of the habit of using.

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