Craftsy Class Review: The Essential Guide To Photoshop

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The Essential Guide To Photoshop was long and essential. And very thorough. I could barely get through twenty minutes of it at a time before I fell asleep because I can't sit still without falling asleep, and it was basically a lecture course. It took me four or five tries to get through the whole thing, but I got several naps while sitting up out of it.

This class was really good, though, if you don't know what the tools are, and even if you do he'll show you some things that you didn't know, I'll bet. I'm pretty familiar with how things work in photoshop and I still got a good amount of information out of the class, so it was worth watching.

He goes over the true basics, including how to set up the basic settings for the program, how to use Bridge, and camera RAW. He then goes through pretty much every tool individually, showing you what they do and different options that you have when you use them. This is the deadly part because it's basically a picture of a computer screen with the cursor moving around, and it's very soporific.

He covers filters, layers, adjustments, layer masks and retouching. There is a ton of information in this class, I'm not kidding.

I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the basics of photoshop. Most of the things that he does in the class would also be available in photoshop elements, other than some of the more powerful effects, so if that's the program that you have it would be worth watching too. If you have experience with the program already it might be too basic for you, but he goes over everything and you'll probably get something out of it. With this kind of program if you can learn even a few things that make your work easier it's totally worth watching it.

Just be loaded up on caffeine before you watch it because you'll need it, believe me.

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