Craftsy Class Review: 16 Cookie Decorating Techniques

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16 Cookie Decorating Techniques was taught by Amber Spiegel, who owns Sweetambs, a cookie


She divided this class into 8 sections which go over different techniques and the basics of icing consistency, which is really important for cookie decorating.

Now, let me be the first to say that cake decorators are crazy, but cookie decorators are REALLY crazy. I've never seen so many people who take something that's not serious so seriously, and who are the first to claim that they "invented" a technique that's been done ninety million times before. Or that someone "copied" their design when the design in question is something like a stop sign.

Anyway, I mention that because she covers a lot of basic patterns like eyelet, quilting, roses etc, and I can just imagine what the cookie people will say if they see a "copy" of one of them. Don't worry, if you want to do one of these designs you're not a copyright violator. She shows you how to use stencils etc., so yeah, that's not an original design.

So go ahead and practice your cookie making using these designs, then add your own little details to them based on the occasion you're making them for. There are a lot of tips in this class and you should be able to use them to put together some cute cookie designs for whatever party you need them for.

And seriously...Some of the things that she does in this class are so time-intensive, you'd have to charge a good amount per cookie to make it worth doing for profit. She goes over flooding, piping designs, texturing, antiquing, painting and methods to transfer patterns with different tools. She also shows you how to do vintage-style roses using a scribing tool in icing, and some brush embroidery. These are not cookies that you would sell for $3 each.

The class has templates and recipes, so you should be able to get a good start even if you haven't done this kind of decorating before.

My final review:

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
Equipment you have to have: Piping bags, food coloring markers, scribing tool, various food colorings and brushes etc.
Sleep-inducing level: She's pretty quiet and I would have been asleep in about two minutes if I wasn't doing this first thing in the morning.
What it assumes you already know: How to pipe icing.
Unnecessary Difficulty Level Of Methods Demonstrated: There's a fair amount, but you can eyeball things without measuring them, etc, to streamline the process. It's a cookie, relax.
Annoying Host Habits: Her piping bags are so full...It works for flooding but if you're piping with a stiffer icing it's better to not fill it up as much and not kill your hands. When you pipe a ton of cookies your hand will be a claw at the end of the day if your bags were too full.

Level of Helpful Hints Learned: There's enough in here that you should be able to do a respectable cookie if you've never done one before, with a little practice.

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