Craftsy Class Review: On the Rise-Bun and Roll Techniques

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On the Rise: Bun and Roll Techniques isn't a cake class, but it's a baking class and that counts. (Did you know that the pastry chef is usually responsible for the breads too? Yeah.)

I did a pastry certificate for culinary school because I'm a picky eater but I like desserts! One of my favorite classes was the bread and rolls class, though. There's nothing better than making bread from scratch and going through the whole process. Ahhh....I even liked kneading the dough by hand even though it kills your wrists.

This Craftsy class covers the basic steps that are involved in making yeast rolls, sweet rolls, whole grain breads and rustic breads. It includes a section on kneading the dough by hand and how to know when it's done, then you'll learn how to shape the rolls and proof them. By the time you finish the first few sections you'll have a good handle on how to make basic yeast breads.

The next sections follow up with sweet rolls (yessssss...), then whole-grain rolls and rustic rolls that use a wet dough and savory flavors.

The final sections include variations on the doughs that were covered in the earlier sections.

This class was well worth it for someone who wants to expand their baking repertoire. Making dinner rolls isn't as fancy as decorating a cake, but I'd personally prefer to make the rolls. If you can bake good bread you'll be the most popular person in the room (as long as the bread holds out.)

The instructor for this class is Jeff Yankellow, who knows what he's doing. His bio on the class says: "A graduate of Johnson & Wales University, with a degree in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management, Jeff is the Chairman of the Board of the Bread Bakers Guild of America. He has competed in the Coupe de Monde de la Boulangerie in Paris – capturing first place with his team in 2005, and recently coaching the 2012 team to a second place finish. He teaches baking classes for King Arthur Flour in Vermont." 

So if you don't learn something from this instructor, you're not paying attention!

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