Fairy and Butterfly Cake

This cake was a display that I made to list a kit for the fairy and butterfly design in my shop.

The fairy and butterflies are made from wafer paper, but you could easily do them from gumpaste. But to attach a wafer paper image to a tier that's shorter than the image is, here's the how-to.

 Roll out a piece of gumpaste about 1/8" thick and brush piping gel or corn syrup onto it. press the wafer paper image onto the sticky surface and make sure that it adheres all over the edges.

Use a sharp exacto to cut out the image so that the gumpaste will form a backing support for it.

Make sure to remove all of the gumpaste from the small areas.

Attach the gumpaste-backed image to the cake. You might want to wait until it hardens up a little, but I just do it before it dries so that I can make the shape conform to the shape of the cake. Be careful not to rub the front of the image because the wafer paper might rip if it's still wet.

That will attach the image to the cake and give it some support. Even if it's taller than the tier it won't curl or slump.

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