How To Make Quick Succulents With A Strip Cutter

You can make quick succulents using strip cutters, or flower cutters that have been cut open, in order to make them any size you need them to be. If you use flower cutters you're limited to the sizes that the cutters are, but adapting the cutters and using strip cutters gives you a lot more flexibility.

The succulents with pointy tips (there are many varieties so you can just make "fantasy" ones) look a lot like flowers, depending on the centers that you use. In this pictorial I used a center that you could adapt to make chrysanthemums too.

You can make them from the inside out or from the outside in. This video shows how to make them from the inside out:

I've described how to make them from the outside in in the second part of the video, but here's a pictorial:

Start with a disc of gumpaste and put some gum glue on it. Cut a strip of gumpaste petals either using a cutter that you make from aluminum cookie cutter material, or by cutting out a flower shape and then cutting that shape open

Put some gum glue on the disc, then start layering the strip of petals  on the outer edge of the disc.

Continue adding strips of the petals and work into the center of the disc in a spiral that goes toward the center.

As you work your way in, use a smaller strip cutter so that the petals are smaller at the inner part of the succulent. Pinch the petals at their bases if you need to so that they overlap correctly.

When you get to the center, either make a separate center by coiling up a strip of smaller petals and inserting it into the center, or by pulling a wired center through the middle.

(Or use a wired center)

Let the succulent dry thoroughly. Put it in a piece of tinfoil and curve it so that the succulent dries in a curved shape. You can also put some kleenex or paper towels under the petals so that they stand up in a more rigid way while they dry.

This is what it looks like from the back:

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