How To Qualify Cake Customers And Save Everyone Some Time

I did a short video on how to qualify a cake customer:

In case you prefer to be able to "quick scan" things and you fall asleep while watching videos like I do, these are the basics:

-Start by asking when they need the cake to make sure you're available.

-If you're available, ask where the reception will be to make sure you deliver there.

-If you deliver there, ask what the guest count is and what budget they want to stay within. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION TO ASK, DON'T SKIP IT! You need to make sure their expectations fit within your price structure or they're going to be really disappointed and waste their time and yours!

-If their budget seems right for your pricing, set up an appointment.

-If their budget won't work with your pricing, explain that you can't do it for that and tell them what the price of a cake for their guest count would be. You need to spell it out so they know what they're dealing with.looking at price-wise if they hired you.

-If they say that your prices are too high, ridiculous, it's just a cake, whatever, DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. Don't feel the need to defend yourself by telling them how expensive your ingredients are and how much time you put into everything. That's their budget so they don't care. Tell them that if things change and they'd like to talk to you again they can call back, and offer a referral to a lower-cost bakery that might be able to help them.

-If they just seem disappointed tell them that you're sorry you can't help, but if things change and their budget changes to please call you back and you can see if you can work with them.

-Remember that an inquiry is not an order! Don't do sketches, plan designs, or give ideas to clients before they give you a deposit and a signed contract. This will save you time and effort, and you won't be working for free. Doing sketches and designs before getting a contract and deposit is working for free. No, no, no.

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