Pink Daisies With Stencilling Cake

This cake was a display that I made because I was messing around with gumpaste daisies and wanted to use them for something!

I did the icing using a rough-textured royal icing with some magenta and light mauve petal dusts dragged through the icing to create the color on the tiers. I had dusted the flowers with those colors so that kept it monochromatic, but then I thought that it was too monochromatic... (Pardon my fabulous photoshopping job here, but the cluttered background had to go!)
Before--All pinks

So I added some green and blue stenciled pieces to the tiers to add the contrasting colors to the design.  I used a stencil that had a damask leaf pattern and did portions of it here and there, overlapping the colors in places.

For me, it really brought the design together and gave it some visual interest, as opposed to leaving it so monochrome. Because that bores me...

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