Naked Cake With Fruit and Roses

This is a before and after of this weekend's naked cake. It had nothing on it when I delivered this and fruit when I was done. I obviously wasn't going to put the fruit on it until I had it sitting in one place, those berries would have rolled all over the place if I tried to move it.

For reference, this was a 6-8-10" tiered cake, and I used a quart of blueberries, a quart of raspberries and two quarts of strawberries on it. I also put some white chocolate roses on it to act as anchors for some of the fruit so that I could pile it a little higher on that section of the cake.

This is also a good example of when to NOT bother covering a cake board. I realized that I was going to be covering the whole thing up anyway, and I didn't want to put a ribbon on it that would end up stained with fruit juice, so I left the board naked to match the cake.

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