A Guide To Tasting Appointments E-Class

I recently decided to series on cake business (and will be working on a series of articles for American Cake Decorating magazine next year, woo hoo!). This is meant to be a guide to a bunch of different aspects of running a cake business from home, and I just finished class number 2, which covers testing appointments.

This one ended up being 49 pages long...I cover everything I could think of, and I got some contributions from other decorators to get some different perspectives.

It includes a guide to the basics (a LOT of basics, 30 pages worth), some useful forms, a guide to "awkward" client situations, and some scripts for weird questions that you might have people ask you.

For the next two days ONLY use coupon code PRICE to get $5 off either e-class. These two links will get to the classes:

How To Price Your Custom Cakes For Profit

Complete Guide To Tasting Appointments

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