Ceramics-Inspired Birthday Cake

This cake came from my interest in ceramics and my desire to use a thorn cutter that I'd had sitting around.

It was my daughter's birthday, and I asked her if she wanted a cake. After some discussion (she said no if it's extra work for me, I said I didn't care, she said are you sure, I said it's no big deal) I told her that if I made one I could also use it as a blog entry so it would be a utilitarian cake. She said okay to that and her only request was that it have some kind of flower decorations in shades of orange or fall colors.

I thought about it and asked her if she would be offended or excited if there were thorns on it, and she said that would be exciting. So great, I dug out the thorn cutter.

This was loosely based on the ceramic bowls and vases that have the little roses and leaves on them. It started out a lot more orange, but after I painted the flowers and leaves with some rainbow dust edible paint they started looking more coppery and pink.

The runners with the thorns were my favorite part, even though you have to put each one on individually, which makes it time-consuming. The cake was a 4" and 6" and it took me about 3 hours to decorate, but that included making every flower and thorn since I didn't do anything ahead of time.

On Wednesday I'll do a post about the iridescent effects that I've been playing around with, and next Sunday will be a post about how to get some of those effects on your own cakes.

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