Craftsy Class Review: Building Your Business/Decorate For Success

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Building Your Business/Decorate For Success was taught by Chrissie Boone, who also taught the classes on Small Cakes and Display Cakes. That one had some of the best business advice I'd seen in a Craftsy class, and this one also has a lot of good practical tips.

This class touches on the idea of three price points so that your customers have a choice. When they've done research on this before it's been shown that people tend to choose the middle price option when given a range. So even if they don't go for the highest price you might still upsell people a little by offering a low, middle and high price option.

She starts out with three basic cake shapes, and shows how to shape and cover the middle and high-end options. From there she shows how to use the three different shapes to adapt to different designs for different occasions.

She also touches on trademarks and how to turn down customers who want a logo or character that you can't legally represent, but still make the sale. Adapting a trademark to a design that suggests the logo or character without actually using it is the way to go.

And thank you very much for the section on pricing. (If you're not sure about this get my pricing class here: Pricing Your Custom Cakes For Profit) She goes over a bit of pricing and how to assess the client's budget in order to determine what people can afford. then she finishes with a basic pricing worksheet. I have a little quibble with the profit margin calculation, the way she does it doesn't do the math right,  but even with that I think that people will be horrified when they see how they've been underpricing themselves.

I'd recommend this class as a good exercise in basic price structuring. But for a thorough walkthrough that does the math the right way get my e-class ;)

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