Metallic and Pearl Luster Sprays Review

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I was experimenting with metallic paints and luster dusts recently, then one of my friends passed along a large display cake that we'd used for our bridal association booth at a recent wedding show. The cake was purple, and she told me to do whatever I needed to do to it to use ti for any other shows, so of course, I decided to mess with it in the meantime.

I got some luster sprays and decided to experiment with some of them to see which one would work better to cover the purple color. Keep in mine that this was a REAL purple, and it should have been pretty hard to cover up, so all of the sprays did a pretty good job.

The top tier was a PME Sugarcraft Lustre Spray - Pearl colored, which I thought would look white. However, when it was put on the purple fondant it really looked silver. That surprised me because it was actually the best silver color of the bunch of them. So if you need to do a silver color, purple fondant plus pearl spray might be your best bet.

The next two tiers were Chefmaster Edible Gold Spray  and  Chefmaster Edible Silver Spray. These covered the purple really well too, without a lot of drips, but the colors weren't as shiny as the pearl.

The bottom two tiers were Duff Cake Graffiti silver and Duff Cake Graffiti gold sprays. Those smelled horrible and were thin and watery. They also dripped a lot and took a couple of coats to cover the purple up.  They were a tiny bit shinier than the Chefmaster, but the tradeoff of the thin color and the drips wasn't worth it.

Here's the whole cake...

After using these sprays, I'd use the PME and the Chefmaster again, but I'd skip the Duff brand just because it was so thin. Look how silver the top tier looks, and that was pearl! That was the big surprise for me. In general, though, they all covered the purple color pretty well, but the Duff was drippy and took more coats to cover it.

I decided to give the Duff brand another chance and used it on some gumpaste leaves. It was still thin, and it took a looooong time to dry. Then I had to go over it with a dusting of gold and silver luster dusts to make them shinier. So pffft for the Duff.

So overall, I'd use the pearl on a darker fondant to get the silver color, and if I needed a metallic gold I'd spray then dust over that when it dried. Or use the Rainbow Dust edible paints, which give a really good color when painted on!

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