Class Reviews- Dahlia Cake and Sunflower Cake

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Pretty Witty Cakes added a couple of flower-themed cake video tutorials recently. They cover how to make a sunflower and how to make a dahlia, and each one also covers two different types of edges on fondant cakes.

The dahlia class shows you how to get a sharp edge on your fondant tiers. If you don't like that (or your customer doesn't) you can use the tips on the sunflower class to get a nice soft edge on your tiers. One is not better than the other, it's a design choice so don't start frothing at the mouth saying that you HAVE to have one or the other.

So anyway, both classes cover how to make a large 3D flower and how to cover the cakes. You can also watch the Winter Wedding class to see how to make a bouquet of flowers to place on a cake for a fuller effect.

Pretty Witty Cakes is an excellent value for the membership price, and they have a free membership which lets you watch a number of the free tutorials. You can now buy the individual classes if you only want one or two, but it makes more sense to sign up for a monthly membership and watch as many videos as you want any time that you want.

Both classes are worth watching to see the methods used to get each type of edge, and to see how to make the flowers. The sunflower has wired petals so you'll get some tips on doing that, too.

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