Craftsy Class Review: Couture Cakes

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Couture Cakes was taught by Lori Hutchinson, and went over a few cake designs that were inspired by fashion. The techniques included are the gilded sequin thing, a design that makes kind of a fantasy flower that uses a feather veiner to vein the petals, and fondant beading. It also touched on some wafer paper techniques.

Let me just say that Craftsy should make their instructors pull their hair back, for pete's sake. Yes, I know that they're working on dummy cakes, but really, the mount of loose hair and nail polish I see in these videos is not food hygiene-friendly. The health inspector would not be happy.

As far as the class itself, it covers things like the sequin look that decorators are all trying to figure out now. It's not hard, but you do need to use an EDIBLE metallic paint if you're painting directly onto fondant, so keep that in mind. There are a few brands that are edible and many more that are non-toxic and not intended for food use. Rainbow Dust is one that I like...make sure you're not using a variety that's inedible and full of lead or something.

There's also a section on how to make a large fantasy flower made from wafer paper, and a cake that uses handmade beads. Those are basically little pieces of fondant that are rolled up into balls, so the amount of time that was spent on those was a little odd.

One thing that she covers that people seem to really need was color. She talks about the use of color on the cakes based on whatever inspiration you're using and your personal preference. I do think that people were taking it a little too literally, since a lot of the questions were about why you need to do it the way she said. She clarified in the comments that you can use whatever colors you want to, so please take note of that!

This was another class that covered some very specific designs, so I can imagine that we'll see a lot of cakes that have a big amorphous flower on them, And in fact, I did see one this morning somewhere. If you're looking for ideas about how to translate fashion designs into cake designs this isn't going to be the class for you, it's more of a specific walk-through of three cake designs. They're specific enough walk-throughs, though, that a beginner could do them.

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