Who Wants My Cake Stalker?

I apparently have a cake stalker.

This is someone who is strangely obsessed with me, for whatever reason. This isn't a compliment, it's a little disturbing. Not that it's disturbing in a way that I'm thinking "Oh my God, I need to get a restraining order." No, it's more of a "How pathetic are you that you seem to feel the need to monitor my activities, you weirdo? Go get a life." So it's more of a pity kind of disturbing. I'm disturbed for them.

Some of my online friends and I were discussing the fact that there seem to be a lot of sycophantic types on cake decorators' pages. You post a picture of a cake and people tell you that you're such a genius, you're such an artist, you're amazing, etc. etc. It's a little ridiculous, but it shows that there's a lack of perspective, for want of a better term, in this business. (Really, nobody's a genius or an artist because they can put fondant on a cake.)

This lack of perspective has apparently hit my cake stalker a little hard, since he/she seems to think that it's a good idea to keep track of everything I do and mention it in random places online. For example, I'll mention something on my facebook page, and it gets brought up on instagram without a context. Or I'll post something on Pinterest and it gets repeated on facebook without a context. It's never in a complimentary way, though, there's usually some kind of snarky remark attached to it.

The thing about this is that I know someone else who was being followed online by a group who would send her messages on facebook about her work, always critical and demanding that she "stop copying so-and-so, who is a genius." (Yeah, she knew how to cover a cake in fondant.) So the watching and stalking and generally being stupid isn't an isolated thing.

I have to assume, based on what I've seen, that there are a lot of people stalking a lot of other people online.

So if you do this, just stop. It's a real waste of your time. Monitoring other people's activities is just weird, it accomplishes nothing, and it's just weird. Did I mention it's weird?

And remember, piping icing and putting fondant on stuff doesn't make anyone a genius. It makes you a technician, but that's another subject.

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