Cake Organization and Storage

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I finished my guide to time management and organization this week, and while I was putting it together I started looking at some options for storage. I thought I'd throw some of those out here since I love storage solutions, and I use all of these in my own house.

First, if you don't have much space, you can probably find a closet or a door that's free for hanging one of those back-of-the-door things on. If you get one with clear pockets it can hold petal dusts, cutters, whatever small items you have knocking around.

Also for the back of the door are the rack systems, which could hold boxes with bottles of airbrush colors or bottles of dragees, tylose, etc.

To store cake pans, you can toss one of these dividers in a lower cabinet, stack the pans inside each other by size, then stack them in the dividers.

Or you can use one of these storage ottomans for pans that are stacked inside each other. Nobody will know that they're resting their feet on your pan holder unless you tell them.

Here's a rack like the one that I have with bins on it. I keep cutters, food colorings, molds and other small items in the bins.

And remember to label all of those bins with these dry erase markers and dry erase labels:


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