Paper Flowers Cake

I've started making paper flowers for fun, but they're also useful for cakes. They're made from food-safe paper, food coloring and floral wire like gumpaste and wafer paper flowers are, so why not? Plus, they're not going to be affected by humidity at outdoor weddings, and they really WILL last forever without attracting ants or melting during a rain shower.

It's funny, because just today I saw a cake that had been decorated with paper flowers on Pinterest, and the original article was from 2010 or 2011. So using paper on cakes isn't unheard of (again, nothing new under the sun!)

I'm a little paper-crazy, which has nothing to do with cakes normally, but this is a way to combine the two things. Follow me on Pinterest for more pins of paper flowers and paper crafts.  I already have one board for paper crafts that has a lot of paper flower patterns on it, so try them out!

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