Fondant Chart For Covering Cake Boards

I did a chart on how many fondant pearls you need to go around cake tiers, and I'm continuing the theme with this chart on how much fondant you need to cover cake boards.

This chart was made by Colleen Charles, who owns Sweet Cakes and Cheesecakes. She said that she was looking at her pricing for cake boards through a pricing program she uses, and didn't think it looked right. She figured this out based on her costs and hourly rate, and she suggests that other people can adapt it using their own costs.

Remember that you have to add in EVERYTHING to the cost of your cakes. If you spend three hours covering boards, you should be adding the materials and labor cost in to the cost of each cake that goes out your door. Unless you enjoy working for free, and I don't know any business owners who enjoy that.

So here's the chart...You can thank Colleen by liking her facebook page and leaving a comment hat you saw it on this blog! Sweet Cakes And Cheesecakes

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