How to Cover a Display Cake With Fondant

How to cover a dummy or display cake with fondant must be a hot topic, which surprises me a little. I posted this video then went back to add a couple of notes, and it received 25 views before I was done. What the heck?

So here's the video, and remember that there are multiple ways to do everything, so if you don't like the way I do it you can just do it another way. But this is a pretty basic task, and it only changes based on how fussy you want or need to be about how perfectly smooth your display cake ends up. I'm planning on sticking things to this one, so it's not critical that I got every single square inch perfectly smooth. 

Also remember to take your rings off before you do this on a real cake, or I guarantee you that you'll have the cake perfectly covered then notice that you just put a ring mark into it!

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