10 Signs That You Need To Lighten Up About The Cake Decorating Thing

Have some of that vodka for yourself...
Ten signs that you need to lighten up about the cake decorating thing:

1. You go to a museum and you can't enjoy it because the only thing you think about is how you can use the art in your cake designs.

2. You get angry when someone in a movie is holding the spatula the wrong way when icing a cake.

3. You take it as a personal offence when someone says "layer" instead of "tier."

4. You get into internet fights about which style of fondant ruffles is better.

5. You hang around the baking aisle in the supermarket in case anyone looks confused so that you can "educate" them.

6. You're a member of 57 cake groups on facebook and you don't have time to look at any of them because you're always on Pinterest looking at cakes.

7. You're offended when people don't ask you to bring a cake to a party, but when they do you're offended if they don't thank you enough when you show up with it.

8. You have 10 real friends on your facebook page, and 643 cake "friends" who you've never met in person.

9. When you go on vacation you research which bakeries are in the place you're going so that you can schedule a visit.

10. When you go to a wedding you stand near the cake table so that you can critique it to anyone who happens to wander by. 

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