It's Not "Just A Cake."

I saw some cake meme about "here's your cake, Ikea" with a picture of a bowl and eggs or something like that, and I thought "good one!" Then I realized that I had a photo like that on my blog about four or five years ago, so I went back to find it.

This was on a post about why cakes cost what they do, or something along those lines. The point was that unless you have the skill to put it together, a cake isn't just "flour and water." And people need to pay you for that skill. The cost of the ingredients should be the least of your concerns when you're putting your pricing together

Are you paying yourself enough for your skill and time? Do you even know how much you're paying yourself for your skill and time? Or are you not paying yourself at all? Go read this if you don't know: Have some self-respect and charge for your work. Everyone deserves to be paid for their work. It's not just flour and water.

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