Using Steam To Make Wafer Paper Chrysanthemum or Carnation Style Flowers.

First of all, here's a video showing what happens when you use steam to shape these flowers:

When I was doing the video I hadn't thought about using the steam to make puffy flowers like that. I had just intended to show what happened when you wave a layered flower around and let the steam move it. It was experimental, but it ended up being a happy accident.

So I decided to make a few more shapes to see how they would work. Here are a few of them on a display cake.

I'm still a fan of gumpaste over wafer paper for realistic flowers, but you can get a presentable fantasy flower, peony-type ruffly flower by using this layering method.

For each flower I used a paper punch or scissors to cut out four of each shape, plus one smaller one to be the center.


I layered them by using a tiny bit of water and sticking them together at the center, alternating the petals so that they don't lie right on top of each other. Attach a wire on the back using gum glue with a little piece of wafer paper to sandwich the wire on the flower (so it's flower, gum glue, wire, wafer paper) to keep it in place, and let those set up.

Then use the very non-precise "holding of the flower over the steam" like I did in the video. You might need to push the petals into shape and it could take a while, but you'll get the hang of it. The petals will curl up and form a ruffly little rounded flower.

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