Pretty Witty Cakes Tutorial: How To Create Textures on Fondant

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If you want a pretty thorough series on creating different textures on fondant, check out the Pretty Witty Cakes tutorial on texturing your cakes. 

This video series includes 15 different textures, including various ruffling and crackle techniques, plus some painting techniques that can add visual interest. You can either buy the tutorial individually, or if you're a member of Pretty Witty Cakes, it's free with your membership.

Plus, you can join on a monthly basis, so if you do that and don't think it's for you (which I wouldn't understand because there's a TON of decorating information on there) you can always cancel. Or pay for a couple of months and watch everything you can cram into that time, that's fair too :)

Join Pretty Witty Cakes here

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