Should You Screen Your Online Comments?

I've never been one to worry too much about people making rude remarks online, other than just wondering how people have so much time to waste.

But I'm also online a lot, and I do read the comments (I know, you should never read the comments) on news stories, videos, and anything else that gives people a platform. I've also debated the point about whether to delete comments with people, and I'm fully on the "delete that sucker" side.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you delete comments where people post an opposing viewpoint, or add information that might be relevant to what you've posted. If you put up something about a way to do something and someone posts a different way, good. It shows other people who read the post some alternatives, and if you delete that just because you want to be the only one with a voice of authority on your page then that's kind of pathetic.

I'm talking about comments like "That's ugly" when you put up a picture of a cake. Or "I know you can do this better" with someone else tagged when you post a picture. Those are just rude and/or clueless and they contribute nothing to the conversation. You just go ahead and delete those comments!

There's no reason to allow rude remarks on any page that you administer. Nobody needs to waste their time reading them, so do your other readers a favor and get rid of them. And if someone's really nasty, ban them, too. I've had friends say that someone left a nasty comment and what should they do? Why is that even a question? There's a delete button for a reason!

My youtube channel is a really good example of this. I don't know what it is with youtube, but people seem to think that their wisdom is NEEDED in the comments. I've had people tell me that I'm doing something the wrong way, this video sucks, whatever. Well, guess what? Nobody but me will ever see those messages, and I don't usually waste my time reading them all the way through.

I see this as an opportunity to remove one outlet for stupidity from the world, and I just ban the user and delete the comments. I don't need to subject the people who want to post a question or a suggestion to the negativity, so bye bye, trolls.

I've also disabled ratings for my videos, since I find those totally worthless. So go ahead and thumbs-down everything I put up there, I don't pay any attention to it at all. You actually have to go and look specifically for it to find that information, and I just don't remember to do that.

People will tell you that if you disable ratings or moderate comments people will wonder what you're hiding. I'll tell you what I'm hiding, I'm hiding unnecessary rudeness. I approve every comment that asks an actual question, so ask away. I just don't feel the need to give nastiness a platform, there's enough of that online as it is.

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