Butterfly Shadows Cake Design

This cake was a minimalist wedding cake that I did, and since I've been practicing with photoshop lately I decided to do a series of designs using the plain tiers as a blank canvas.

The original cake was this one:

I took the flowers off by copying the left side of the cake and flipping the photo over onto itself, then using the patch tool to remove the top flower. This was the result of that:

I then took some flowers and butterfly photos that I had, turned them into silhouettes, and arranged them on the cake to get this:

I added some shadows in various spots to  make the butterfly photos look more three-dimensional. This pattern was based on a dress that I'd seen that had a combination of the flat black and colored butterflies.

I have to say that this was a lot more fun than actually having to cut out every butterfly and apply it to a real cake. This would be a good way to put a design together to show a client what their cake would look like, and also good for designing cakes in general. I'm planning on doing some more, using the giant stack of inspiration photos that I've collected but haven't had time to use to make real cakes.

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