Grey Brush Embroidery Wedding Cake Design

This cake design was based on a dress fabric that kept popping up in my google ads. This is the first time that google ads were useful, since it was a pretty design.

This was the second design done in Photoshop using the plain cake that I did as a base to work on. I pasted some of the flowers on the dress onto the cake, then I warped some of the designs to fit the shape of the tiers. I added layers on top and drew over them with a 9 pixel-sized pencil, using small marks like brush embroidery would have. When I was done with the drawing I deleted the base patterns so that the drawing was the only layer visible.

The important thing when you do this kind of designing is to make sure that you can actually make the design with real cake in case someone sees it and wants you to do it. Keep that in mind and you'll never be scrambling trying to get advice on how to translate your own design into cake.

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