How To Do An Ombre/Multicolor Gumpaste Petal Part 1

 I'm making a large dahlia-type flower for an upcoming event and I wanted to make it multiple shades of orange. By doing that It would give it a depth that a single shade wouldn't have had. I still plan to dust the tips when I'm done, but here's the process of making the petals:

Start with the two shades of gumpaste...I used the darkest and lightest here.

 I rolled them out through a pasta roller so that they were both very thin, then overlapped them and cut them to be about the same size.

I ran them through the paste roller again to stick them together.

Using a 1" styrofoam ball on a wire for the center...

...I cut out three daisy shapes using a 2" daisy cutter.

I wet the lighter side of the flower shapes and stuck them to the ball, overlapping the petals to cover it entirely.

The double color won't be super obvious at this point, but it shows a little.

Using the same piece of gumpaste, I cut out two larger daisies.

Thin the edges to make the darker color more visible through the lighter color.

Wet the flower shapes and attach them to the center, overlapping the petals and pulling them away from the center at the tops so that the lighter color is a little more visible.

When you run out of the multicolored gumpaste to cut, knead it all together and use it as the darker color, or add a little more of the darker color to it.

Roll out the gumpaste individually and cut out one of the lighter color using the same size daisy cutter and a larger one of the darker color.

Put the lighter color on top of the darker one. The darker one should extend past the edges of the lighter one.

Pinch the edges of the petals to stick them together.

Using a ball tool, cup the inside of the petals.

Attach to the center.

Pinch the gumpaste at the base of the wire to decrease the bulk there.

Hang the center upside down to dry.

 Part 2 coming next week!

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