Using Ateco Ruffle Tips for Buttercream Ruffles

I'm a little late to the party, but I got some Ateco piping tips for ruffles to see what they did. Williams Sonoma has a good deal on a set of seven of them, so I'd go there to get them. I've seen them in other places for a higher price, so don't pay that! If you want to buy them individually, use my affiliate link for Amazon here: Ruffle Tips

Here's the video:

And some tips for using them...I've heard some people say that the ruffles can fall off of the cake, so make sure that you crumb coat the cake before piping them on. That will give them some buttercream to grab onto instead of trying to get them to stick to naked cake.  Make sure to really adhere the top part to the cake as you're piping them. Also, don't use a dry-ish buttercream. If your buttercream tends to crust quickly and dry out, try making it with cream or half and half instead of regular milk or water.

Obviously, if you're piping a tiered cake, start at the bottom and work your way down for ruffles that hang down. If the ruffles will be facing up, start at the top and work your way down. For cupcakes, start on the outside edge and work your way in.

In the video I was using a basic American buttercream with a 50/50 butter/shortening ratio.

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