How To Do Multicolored Gumpaste Petals Part 2

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Last week I showed the process of making a two-toned flower center. Here's the next step, which is to make an ombre block of gumpaste to use for the larger petals.

First, make four shades of the gumpaste by combining the lighter and darker colors in different amounts to make the two middle shades. Shape the gumpaste into similar-sized flat discs.

Using water in between the discs, attach the colors together and press firmly to attach. Let them sit for a while to give them a chance to adhere.

Cut a piece off of the block. Turn it sideways and flatten it out so that you can see each color. Flatten it out with your hand so that you can run it through a pasta machine or roll it out by hand. You want to be able to see each color, don't flatten it out so that the light or dark side hides the other colors. This will make more sense when you start doing it. :)

Run the multicolored strip through the pasta machine so that the dark side is on one edge and the light side is on one edge.

Now you'll have an ombre strip that you can cut out various petals. Make sure that the darker edge is where you want it to be on the petal and not on the opposite end.

They don't all have to be cut out from the same place on the gumpaste sheet. The color variation should be subtle so if it's slightly different on each petal that's fine.

Cup the petals with the ball tool by rubbing in the center of each petal.

Attach them to the flower center using some water or gum glue. I did two rows of five petals each.

Turn the center right-side up and thread the wire through a piece of tinfoil to support the larger petals as it dries.

Arrange the tinfoil and the petals until they're in the position that you want them to be in, and let it dry.

Leave it this size of do part 3 next week to make it larger.

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