How To Do Multicolored Gumpaste Petals Part 3

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The first two parts of this tutorial are here: Part 1  and Part 2.

The next steps include the outer petals, which are wired.

Use the block of colored gumpaste that you made in step 2 and cut off another piece. Flatten it out and roll it out using the pasta roller.

It might end up having very distinct stripes where the colors separate. To fix that, you can re-roll it.

Fold the piece over onto itself once, keeping the stripes on the outside.

Out this piece through the pasta roller once, then fold again and put it through again. Repeat until you get a smooth transition between colors.

Cut out 5 or 6 petals from this piece using lily petal cutters and wire the petals. I used 30 gauge wire.

Pinch the gumpaste at the base of the petal so that it's securely attached on the wire.

Cup the petals slightly using a ball tool, then dry on a pulp tray or flower former.

Cut out 5 or 6 slightly larger petals from the gumpaste and wire those the same way.

When those dry, brush the tips with some darker petal dust if you want to emphasize the ombre color change.

Dust the tips of the outer petals on the flower center.

Wire the petals onto the center using floral tape, and here's the final flower:

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