Monday, July 18, 2016

Is It Just The Internet? Or Are Cake People Really Nutso?

On the suggestion of a friend, I went onto a few facebook groups that I usually don't go onto. Honestly, I really don't read those cake group boards, I don't have time and I don't find them to be productive. But someone told me that I should see what people are talking about for the sake of keeping up with trends, etc, etc.

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Well, to sum it up, I just wasted half an hour of my life looking at people's online arguments, bad advice about pricing cakes, people being insulted that someone suggested they follow their local laws about selling food, accusations of someone being a troll, accusations of "you stole that design from me" (they didn't, it was a popsicle cookie), people posting photos of okay cakes that were deemed "so beautiful", and cakes posted by the board owners so that the other participants could tell them what a genius they are (so I gathered, since that seemed to be a trend.)

All the ego-stroking aside, these boards are really argumentative and bitchy, and it made me want to go read something productive about marketing to get the petty whining out of my head.

I also found it interesting that so many people's names are greyed out, which means that they were removed from the group or left it, so they seem to have a fairly high turnover.

So my question is this: Is this just a function of online group boards in general, or are cake decorators overly sensitive and irrational as a group? Because there seemed to be a lot of overly sensitive and irrational bickering on a lot of those boards.

For people who participate in a lot of facebook groups, what's your opinion? And if you don't participate in a lot of facebook groups, please leave your opinion about why you don't.

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The Queen's Bakery said...

I believe it's online boards in general. I've seen the same arguments, insults, and rude comments on online garage sale sites as well. It is my humble opinion that crazy is not isolated to cake decorators alone.

The Queen's Bakery said...
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Kara Buntin said...

Garage sale sites? That's bizarre, what would they be arguing about? People are weird.

shanter said...

I stopped reading the cake FB groups quite a while ago. Too crazy for me.

Anna said...

Absolutely agree with The Queen's Bakery, people are just crazy in general, but cakers are insane about the craft too. Double crazy. They (many) are militant followers of others, as well. Blindly bleeting sheep, following along, ready to attack.

As far as arguing on yard sale sites, I've seen a little, mostly because people pick garbage and sell it without fixing it up, or sell cheap fakes as real. Examples: a ride on medical scooter out of the garbage with a burned up motor was being sold as needing a new battery. Some made in China $2 a pallet makeup being sold as name brand for $20 a pallet.

Jason Stiles said...

When I first started, I regularly visited the very large cake website. It was obvious very soon that there were "experts" who had a following,and no one was allowed to disagree or in any way upset the "expert." As far as I could tell, one of these "experts" didn't even make cakes! I got really dinged from this one for asking if we could stay on cake topics instead of personal stories. In a group where people posted sites for free tutorials, there was a real crazy that everyone knew about but me. I asked if we could keep the posts to actual cake tutorial sites instead of those totally unrelated (you know, the cutsy cat-licking-its-tail kind of thing). This woman let go a torrent of infantile, crazy rage I couldn't believe. Apparently, others were afraid to challenge her, but I got lots of PM's thanking me. I quoted from the main site's rules to her a couple of time, and she backed down. That's when I left.