Annoying Things That Will Happen When You Start Selling Cakes

Here are the most common annoying things that will happen when you start selling cakes:

1. You'll suddenly have a lot more "friends" who are eager to give you the opportunity to sell them discounted cakes.

2. You'll start getting a lot of phone calls from people who are eager to let you donate cakes to their organizations.

3. You'll notice how many other cake decorators there are in your area, when you never noticed them before.

4. You'll notice how few people actually seem to understand how long it takes to make an elaborate custom cake, based on how much they want to pay you for one.

5. You'll realize that selling something is work, and work isn't as much fun as just doing it when you want to, for whom you want to, on your own schedule.

If you're thinking of starting a cake business, you should give it some thought before filing for your business license. You might want to get a copy of my book to go through and see if it sounds like it's for you or not...I had one person write me a thank-you note after reading it because it made her realize that a cake business wasn't for her, and it saved her a lot of headaches! 

Go here for the book: Not So Common Sense

 Kara Buntin owns A Cake To Remember LLC in Richmond VA, and cake supplies online at and

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