Tips For Using Pearl Border Molds

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There's a photo of a cake that people keep sending me, asking how many pearls they'll need to buy to make it. My answer is always "way too many" because the cake is made with a mold that makes a border that looks like pearls.

I've seen the molds that are used to make the pearl strips that are wrapped around the tiers, and I decided to make one of my own since I do happen to have a ton of silicone and a bunch of pearls.

When I was using the mold, I ran into some issues with it that I suspect are common. As I mention in the video, I looked up some of the molds and noticed that the pieces of fondant they showed next to the molds had some of the same flaws I was coming up with. I think that the molds aren't as simple to use as they look, so here are some tips that ended up being helpful for the cake I was working on:

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