Cake Scams and How To Spot Them.

Scammers are relentless...In the last few days I've heard of three scams going on, one involving cake, one involving an Etsy seller, and one involving my son, who got a phone call from a scammer trying to get him. Of course, since he's my kid and has heard all about these idiots before, he basically told them to go pound sand. But not everyone is aware of the ways that scammers try to get you, and they do fool people.

Here's a video explaining how the basic scams work, and some phrases and clues to look for when you're trying to decide whether something is legitimate or not. There are definite similarities and patterns, so familiarize yourself so that you don't get swindled.

To see some examples of common cake scams, read my Fun With Email Scammers page. 

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