A Birthday Flashback

It's my birthday, so I'm linking to some of my favorite humorous posts from the past...First up is this gorgeous wedding cake from Walmart: Click here to have your eyes burned out

Next is the letter that kicks the butt of every other letter in the sheer scope of the gall that accompanied it: Click here to read the most inflated sense of self-importance ever

Here's a cake horror story for you: The five tier disaster

and a couple of cheating groom stories.

And enough lectures, here's what happens when you let the wedding guests cut the cake themselves.

This is one of my favorite cake/rude bride horror stories of all time: Pay me for your dessert

And last but not least, here's my favorite horrible proposal story. It's pretty inappropriate, so don't read it out loud to the kids.

I will now go eat my birthday potato chips, since my family knows better than to get me a cake ;)

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