How To Wire A Flowering Vine And Attach It To A Cake

Now that I don't bake wedding cakes anymore, what would the next logical thing for me to make be? Yes,that's right, it's fake cakes.

But not those cakes that are meant to take the place of a wedding cake with a chunk cut out of the back to stick a real piece of cake in for the cake-cutting photos. I mean really fake cakes, made with totally non-edible materials. People use them for props for photo shoots, photo booths, staging houses, and theatrical productions. And it's fun to make a cake that someone can't eat, for some reason. So I've added some fakes like this one to my repertoire:

This cake was made from totally inedible materials, including the silk flowers. I could have used gumpaste, but for the purposes of fake food you don't want to do anything that could be affected by humidity or draw ants...

So anyway, I was making a vine to put around this little faker, and I decided to do a quick video about how to make the vine and attach a flowering vine to a cake. A real cake, not a fake one. And how to anchor it to the side of a tier so that it won't move around and take out half of the icing on the cake. Here you go:

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